All our products are artisans and some customized for each client so that the delay of shipments subject vera while manufacturing the product requested by the customer, now I detail time delay of shipments per section:

Goldsmith: All products are unique and are manufactured so shipping will have a delay of 2-3 days.
Embroidery: Embroidery All products are customized for each customer so that no stock, the average time of delay in shipment of bags is one month while for other products is two-week,.
Upholstery: All products are custom saddlery and unique for each client so there is stock, shipping within will be subject to the type of item purchased. Mounts around one month other products two weeks.
Ceramics: All products are craftsmen, with stock available delivery time between 2 or 3 days.
Toys: Delivery time 2 to 3 days.
* When ordering several products, including products in stock and products you are by making we will contact you to make us know if you prefer to do one or two shipments.